Ying Ker Lou , Chinese-Hakka cuisine restaurant which located at The Curve. They are mindful that diners are more health-conscious then ever, which is why they make sure no MSG is added in the food preparation.

Their signature dishes include traditional dishes such as Hakka Stuffed Bean Curd, Pork Knuckle with Ginger and Rice Vinegar, Hakka Style Fried Pork Belly with Black Fungus, Chicken with Ginger and Rice Wine, and Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable.

Ying Ker Lou interior are decorate in chinese culture with a lot of chinese word hanging on the wall. The tea pot also make by heavy steel, look at the picture, you will never know how heavy is it until you got chance to hold it in real.

Chopstick place above the fine craving wood holder

Hakka Lui Cha 客家擂茶
It is actually a rice mix with some vege and peanut, and served together with the mint soup.

Vege-Claypot 斋煲

Pork meat cooked with black fungus 木耳焖猪肉

Grilled Toufu, there is pork meat hide under the toufu skin 酿豆腐

Pork Vineger 猪脚醋

Fried mix vege and pork slide with Hakka style 客家小炒

Fried Vege 炒菜

Fried vege with pork meat 烧肉炒四季豆

Ying Ker Lou
Address : LG2, 122(C), The Curve Mutiara Damansara

This dinner is offer by my boss so I do not know the pricing, and actually I was allergy to the pork meat, so I cannot taste a lot of the dishes on the table. But however, just to share the restaurant and dishes photo to luvjourney visitors and feedback to me if you really taste it once a day! ♥

阿清叻沙,位于Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara,主要的产品是亚洲美食包括马来饭,咖哩面,叻沙,其他面饭等等,价格大众化。阿清叻沙还有另一间分行在旧巴生路,喜欢亚洲美食的朋友可别错过了!



仁当鸡马来饭 RM7.90

鱿鱼咖哩面 RM8.90

阿清叻沙 Ah Cheng Laksa
地址: Lot LG 9(i), Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara
电话: 012.670.7822
营业时间:上午11点 - 晚上10点


After the opening of Blue Dragon @ Kelana Jaya, I went there again during my daddy birthday last Sunday and we are so lucky to visit the fountain with beautiful lighting. Normally the fountain is perform hourly.

Because I bring kiki along, so I request to have a seat at outside, beside the lake and there is no light at all so quite hard for me to take the shot. Ok now I think I already introduce this Thai restaurant few times in my blog. so now I will only show you their delicious food directly. Let's go with me!

Blue Dragon @ Kelana Jaya

Fountain with beautiful lighting at the lake side

Candle light, one of their unique decoration and design

And we play around the camera with the candle while waiting for the food served. But dont worry, it won't take you for a long time to wait.

After 15 mins, dang dang~~our food served one by one, let's go~

Pineapple Fried Rice (3 pax) RM26.70
actually the pineapple fried rice shown in the menu is for 1 pax at RM8.90, however if you wanted to share the rice with family, then you can request to cook by how many pax as you like.

Fried squid with salted egg RM15.00

Thai steamed fish "Peh Sah" RM35.00
Served with a fish shape plate and fire at the bottom to ensure the warmest of the dish, sweet and sour sauce is really thumb up!

Fried Wringes Bean with Prawn Sauce RM10.00
However this vegetable seems nothing special, but what I can sya is its something different from outside chinese restaurant.

Tub Tim Krob RM4.50
A special and delicous dessert from Thailand, make by water chestnut and coconut sauce.

Hot Honey Milk RM5.00

Vanilla Snow RM7.00

Purple Dream RM7.00

Peppermint Snow RM7.00

Blue Dragon
Thai Food . Cafe . Asian Cuisine
Blok C-02-1 & 03-1, Plaza Kelana Jaya,
SS7/13A Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya.
(nearby Kompleks Sukan Kelana Jaya)
Business Hour : 12pm - 12am

How to go?
By LDP, from Kepong to Puchong, make a U-turn before the Giant hypermarket, keep left and turn left when you saw a signboard which pointing SS17 before the petrol station. The Plaza Kelana Jaya is on your left once you turn in.

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Beside the foods mentioned above, we actually also order the Otak-Otak Seafood RM18, Fish Cake RM15 and Coconut Seafood Tom Yam Soup RM18 where the photos already post at Blue Dragon @ Cheras and finally they bill us RM230++. Wow, really a wonderful meal at Blue Dragon.

位于Kepong Metro Prima商业区,这里的食物平均价格为RM3.80,主要是走经济路线。在朋友的介绍下载知道这间店的存在,就和他们一起来试试看咯。



豆浆凉粉 RM1.60 和萝卜奶 RM2.20


锅贴5件 RM3.80,记得要配着姜丝和醋一起吃哦!


番茄猪肉饭加荷包蛋RM3.80 + RM0.60