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Blue Dragon @ Kelana Jaya

After the opening of Blue Dragon @ Kelana Jaya, I went there again during my daddy birthday last Sunday and we are so lucky to visit the fountain with beautiful lighting. Normally the fountain is perform hourly.

Because I bring kiki along, so I request to have a seat at outside, beside the lake and there is no light at all so quite hard for me to take the shot. Ok now I think I already introduce this Thai restaurant few times in my blog. so now I will only show you their delicious food directly. Let's go with me!

Blue Dragon @ Kelana Jaya

Fountain with beautiful lighting at the lake side

Candle light, one of their unique decoration and design

And we play around the camera with the candle while waiting for the food served. But dont worry, it won't take you for a long time to wait.

After 15 mins, dang dang~~our food served one by one, let's go~

Pineapple Fried Rice (3 pax) RM26.70
actually the pineapple fried rice shown in the menu is for 1 pax at RM8.90, however if you wanted to share the rice with family, then you can request to cook by how many pax as you like.

Fried squid with salted egg RM15.00

Thai steamed fish "Peh Sah" RM35.00
Served with a fish shape plate and fire at the bottom to ensure the warmest of the dish, sweet and sour sauce is really thumb up!

Fried Wringes Bean with Prawn Sauce RM10.00
However this vegetable seems nothing special, but what I can sya is its something different from outside chinese restaurant.

Tub Tim Krob RM4.50
A special and delicous dessert from Thailand, make by water chestnut and coconut sauce.

Hot Honey Milk RM5.00

Vanilla Snow RM7.00

Purple Dream RM7.00

Peppermint Snow RM7.00

Blue Dragon
Thai Food . Cafe . Asian Cuisine
Blok C-02-1 & 03-1, Plaza Kelana Jaya,
SS7/13A Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya.
(nearby Kompleks Sukan Kelana Jaya)
Business Hour : 12pm - 12am

How to go?
By LDP, from Kepong to Puchong, make a U-turn before the Giant hypermarket, keep left and turn left when you saw a signboard which pointing SS17 before the petrol station. The Plaza Kelana Jaya is on your left once you turn in.

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Beside the foods mentioned above, we actually also order the Otak-Otak Seafood RM18, Fish Cake RM15 and Coconut Seafood Tom Yam Soup RM18 where the photos already post at Blue Dragon @ Cheras and finally they bill us RM230++. Wow, really a wonderful meal at Blue Dragon.


  1. Looks good. How was the taste anyway?

    Of course, I trust you know how to compare this Thai food and the rest you've eaten before. :)

  2. Hi Danny, thanks for visit.

    The foods are nice and delicious.
    I have been ask around my friends and family who even went Blue Dragon before, and all of them thumb up to this Thai cafe.

    Ofcoz, I love it so much and Blue Dragon was the highest ranking restaurant in my blog.

    So you should try it no matter you are in KL or PJ.


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Blue Dragon @ Cheras

- The first sponsor for luvjourney visitor - Click here for 10% discount voucher at Blue Dragon Thai Food . Cafe . Asian Cuisine 1998年开张于Yulek,或现在的Taman Cheras(和珍宝酒楼同排)。Blue Dragon这个名字是负责人Max取的,只要是因为“龙”象征着亚洲的文化。 A Thai food cafe published at 1998 in Yulek, or so call Taman Cheras (same row with Janbo Restaurant). The cafe name 'Blue Dragon' is named by the director, Max. Because dragon is a always an images of Asian, he said. 这里在2003年的时候曾被列为10大情人节餐馆第六名,同时提供Wifi服务。也许明年的情人节,这里可以成为你考虑的地方。 There is a WiFi services provided by Blue Dragon, and it have been vote as the top 6 of the Valentine Days restaurant in KL at 2003. So this might be your ideal place to celebrate with your loves at the next year. 两层楼的Blue Dragon,里面的装潢与设计让你感到舒适,以及拥有私隐。在蓝调的包围下,享受美味的泰国式料理,绝对是一大享受。 It is a double storey restaurant that brings you a cozy, comfortable and privacy dining place. You can always feel peace while relaxing your mind and stress with the music surrounding around. 大部分的客人都会选择楼上,因为可以拥有各自的空间。楼

Victoria Station

话说我们今天在Jalan Ampang做点事情,经过这一间有火车头的Victoria Station,老公说好想念他们出名的牛扒,不如我们今天的午餐就在这里解决吧?就这样我们出现在Victoria Station里,而这是我第二次光临它们的分行(之前是在Medan Damansara)。 总觉得去西餐厅应该要在晚上比较有气氛,所以如我所料的,餐厅里的人客并不多,但也不算冷清。看看他们的室内装潢,都是以火车为主哦! 在食物都还没呈上来之前,我们都会被送上一块面包和奶油,算是前菜吧!他们的奶油真的很香~ Mexican Nachos RM13.90 A Tex-Mex all time favourite appetizer or quick bite. Corn chips with mouth-watering VS Escargots Sauce. 老公点的开胃菜,看起来很大一盘,但其实都是很容易入口的小点,主要是由脆口的饼片,配上酸辣的青辣椒和番茄,再淋上田螺酱和芝士粉,吃了真的很开胃呢! Cream of Mushroom RM6.90 香浓的蘑菇汤,在这里点的事物总是比较正式的,就连蘑菇汤也不马虎。 Neptune Mermaid Delight RM37.90 A delightful combination of deep sea prawns & fish fillet, served with potato of the day & choicest farm-fresh vegetables. 鱼和虾的拼盘,鱼肉外层煎得很香脆,但是里面的鱼肉还是软绵绵的,口感不太好,酱汁也有点怪怪的。虾则还不错,但是没有很大只。最好吃的还是薯条和沙拉(早知道就不叫扒了~) V.S. Victoria Steak RM41.90 Grilled prime cut fillet steak with minced chicken, white mushroom & VS Brown Sauce, served with potato of the day & choicest farm fresh vegetable. 老公爱吃的牛肉,还有“月经”的哦~(虽然有点粗俗,但是我们都这样说惯了)就是五分熟的牛肉才会有这样的情形。看起来好像