Bread & Olives Cafe

位于Ampang Look Out Point的Bread & Olives Cafe,相信很多人对于它并不陌生。因为那里常常是三五好友聚集的好去处,不但可以用餐,还可以一览吉隆坡的夜景,多棒啊!山上冷冷冰冰的空气和热烘烘的食物成了强烈的对比,却是人们追求的享受之一。看看这美丽的吉隆坡夜景,是不是很想亲自来一趟呢?

除了美丽的夜景,千万不要忘记了我们这次的目的,就是要介绍这间Bread & Olives地中海式料理餐馆。餐馆的负责人Tim是来自中东,很健谈的一个年轻人。为此我们也达成了协议,让来此部落格的朋友可以在Bread & Olives享受10%的折扣优惠。

他告诉我们他们参观最受欢迎的食物就是Lamb Briyani,至于其他的食物也不逊色,例如Roasted Chicken, Lamb Steak, Zatar和Pizza等等多样选择。舒适的环境,效率的服务态度,在这里用餐绝对是一种享受!

Lamb Steak served with Mashed Potato and Salad RM18.00

Fried Chicken Chop served with French Fries and Salad RM16.00

Grilled Chicken Chop served with Mashed Potato and Salad Rm16.00


Fish and Chips served with Tartar Sauce and Salad RM17.00

B & O Flava Layers RM9.50

French Fries in golden yellow RM6.50

Special Chilli Sauce pack from America

Bread & Olives共有两层,而我在离开之前就在楼下发现了有趣的事物。看看这个公开的烤箱,他们正在制作Zatar呢!小小的面粉团被扔进了烤箱后,竟然就慢慢的膨胀变成了面包,好好玩哦!


这里就是通往山顶Look Out Point的入口处了,上面写着Menara Tinjau。

1. Take the Pandan Indah exit at the MRR2, Steven Corner on your left
2. Go straight until the T-Junction which Esso will be on your left, turn right at the traffic light
3. A McDonald will be on your right, go straight and turn left at the traffic light in front of Puteri Park Plaza.
4. Turn right at the second traffic light which there is a pasar borong on your right
5. From this traffic light the road is winding for about 3 km
6. Look out for the sign board “Look Out Point / Menara Tinjau”, here you are



  1. hmm LO is the best place, its a Very Peaceful and relaxing place, to chat, to date, to tackle ehem.. hehe.. the foods also acceptable.. and CHEAP.. hmmm...

  2. well to tell you something that, its the place that i get to know more bout my beloving partner couple.. is in here.. ;).. must try its very nice view..

  3. LO hmm i can finish 8 cup of hot chocolate in between 5 hours just because want to enjoys the view and a sweet chat.. with whom?? aa.. with someone that i love.. you may go with someone that you like its workin..

  4. lolz....before together with my love now, we always go LO to sepnd all our time...and tell you, i admit to be his love also at this wonderful place...for those tryting to grab a gal's heart, LO is and ideal place for you^^

  5. waduh, your directions from pandan indah are so difficult.. i usually come via ampang :P

    yeah its a great place! Brought a few kawans up there last weekend :)

    1 of them loved the view so much + fedup his small camera cant take nice shots, he then bought a DSLR yesterday o.O

    p.s.: food @ bread&olive and gasoline are best.. the other two restaurants, so so nia ^_^

  6. lolz Adrian, no matter how you go, as long as you enjoy the foods finally^^

    I am using my little camera to taking all these photos, tactic is needed for the nice shot le wakaka^^ jz kidding

    Yeah the foods @ Bread & Olives are much more better than the rest and I can confirm the price is reasonable and affortable for teenagers.


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