Malay Stall Kota D'sara

Beside the Midnight Market, there is a street of food stalls managed by Malays. Mostly are selling Tom Yam, Fried Rice, Fried Tauhu, Nasi Lemak, Steamboat and etc.

A lot of people still hanging around during the deep night time

One of the Malay stall busy on preparing food

Fried Tauhu, a special tasty fried tauhu topped with peanuts, rojak sauce and bean sprouts RM4

Pattaya Fried Rice, fried rice wrapped by fried egg, kind of Thai food RM5

Look at the rice, pure rice? NO, its fried rice!

Fried Rice Chicken, same fried rice as Pattaya, but served together with fried chicken RM5

Tom Yam Chicken Soup, small portion of thai style soup RM4

Beside the Fried Tauhu, others food are consider normal. Just have some bits there after the Midnight Market. For your information, we are the only Chinese at the midnight market. ♥