Midnight Market

During the Deepavali holiday, I wonder is there any place or business is operate for 24 hours beside 7-11, mamak stall and Genting Highland. I try to get some information from internet and what I found are still the same. My boyfriend give me an idea while both of us are bored to stay at home, the midnight market at Kota Damansara.

This midnight market mostly operate by Malays from 11pm to 4am daily. You can find some of fun stuff that you usually wont found at normal night marker or, pasar malam. Besides the market, there is a street of food stalls and a singing stage, it is really happening when I was first time at there.

Car sticker and emblem that usually sell at car accessories shop, and the price is much more cheaper, example the sticker bar at the top of the windscreen is only cost you RM20

Wellknown logo emblem of vehicles

Sign for different state

Air Brush service for your laptop, vehicles or anythings you likes

Model of airplanes, Airasia, MAS...

It is kind of normal if you found lighter, cigratte or ashrey in the market but what about this? "hookah"

Second hand car steering, turbo timing, sport rim and some car parts are foundable at here too

Windscreen, Tyre, Saloon....

See how they arrange their shoes? Its kinda interesting

And this side is for chidlren, the seller are shame and to hide themselves

Children cloths with different patterns and designs

Even some of the kitchen ware, bowl and other porcelain products

Some mp4 player that you usually found at handphone accessories shop or Low Yat, nice turning show case^^

Some cheap and beautiful Jewelry for lelong, only RM10 each set

Bicycle suit which usually found at specialist shop, but I not sure how is the quality compared with the specialist

A lot of shoes that looks like used, i think it should be second hand stuff also

Car dashboard cover with multiple colour chocies

Customade emblem, you can choose the alphabet and piece together at your vehicle, table or anywhere that you wish to, for the smaller one will be RM2 and the bigger one is RM3 each

Road tax sticker, to beautifying your road tax with a nice deco border sticker, RM5 each

This is the road tax cover that I bought for my car, how is it?

Location: Kota Damansara
Business Hour: 11pm - 4am daily


  1. LOL i see all the stolen stuff!!

    ahh, new stuff i support, second hand no way :P

  2. haha, no matter is stolen or used stuff, whatever you need whaever you buy.

    But this is quite an interesting place, are you been there before?


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