Daddy's Cafe

Daddy's Cafe, located at Pangkor Island. A beach side cafe with music and candle light, together with red wine and delicous meal, enjoy your romance dinner under the stary stars.

A lot of tourist enjoy their dinner or drinks at this peaceful cafe.

Daddy's Cafe Menu

The menu full of funny name of meal, and we ordered can drinks (both of us not used to drink red wine) and our dinner is 'Sexy Chicken' RM28.00 and 'Fresh Alu Alu' RM26.00

The night still young although it is already 7.45pm

Our meals served after an hour, can imagine how well is the food been prepared. This is the 'Sexy Chicken' with potato chips and fresh vege topping with some homemade red sauce

And this is my 'Fresh Alu Alu', is a Paracuda fish meat served with potato chips and fresh vege topping with some homemade white sauce

Because of this signboard, we step into the cafe and we enjoying out romance dinner at the sea side cafe.

For direction you may seek for advise on the local resident and actually it is easy to find. You will surely pass the place if you rent a taxi for island tour.Try it out when you are in the Pangkor Island, although it might be abit expensive but what I can say it is worth to have it once a while.

red wine + steak = wonderful dinner ♥


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