Fried Chicken @ Jalan Pudu

After shopping at Sg.Wang, my brother suggest to have our dinner at Pudu "Eat Street", you can found it just beside the road. And there is a famous stall which is selling Fried Chicken and been introduce by famous artist, Wong Chui Ling. So, I should try it right?

Let's see on the stall, they are selling fried chicken and french fries. The price for big drumstick (L shape) is RM3.80, chicken wing RM2.00, fried chicken RM2.40 and french fries is RM1.50.

They are busy on the business, what a famous fried chicken in Pudu huh~

Look at the fried chicken, yummy ~~

And this is what we ordered, the skin is really crispy like KFC, but the meat is just so so only.

There is actually a lot os food stall on the street, but you have to carefully choose the food and the seat as well. They seems like having conflict on the business for each other, when you are there, you will know.

Location: Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

How to go?
1. From Jalan Hang Tuah, turn right on the crossroad and go straight
2. Move forward after the Caltex on your left for around 3 mins
3. You can either stop at the road side and "da bao" or turn left at the next junction and find the parking

the road is a bit mess at Jalan Pudu, I suggest to park at the road side and da bao or else, you will need to find a proper parking and enjoy your dinner as well. ♥


  1. i try this b4...
    i go sg. wang with my fren..
    then she bring me to there..
    is nice...

  2. haha..i only try this when my brother bring me delicious...i feel that the taste is similiar with KFC ^^


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