Nando's Chicken

Nando's, flame grilled chicken served together with their famous peri-peri sauce, which was the African name for the Bird's Eye Chilli.

I ordered 1/4 Chicken with 2 sidelines RM14.50.

You can choose any 2 sidelines at up to 6 choices and I choosed Peri Chips and Coleslaw. The salad is delicious!

I have redeem a free Drumstick from Jusco voucher, which served with herb sauce as per request.

And a bottomless Ice Lemon Tea RM6.30

I like their branding printed on the tissue

for more information, please refer to

Unfortunately I forgot to take the photos of the Peri-Peri sauce in the bottle since the yummy chicken have been served.There are 4 level of peri-peri sauce which is Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot in bottle for sell. If you like it you can buy it and be the favourite sauce for homemade grilled chicken. I used to eat the hot peri-peri sauce and I really love it so much. ♥


  1. ya lo... you definitely missed out the most important stuff that you can't see somewhere else.. the peri peri...

  2. worry, i will always visit Nando's along my life and i promise i will post it up when i got the peri peri photo ya ^^


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