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Daddy's Cafe

Daddy's Cafe, located at Pangkor Island. A beach side cafe with music and candle light, together with red wine and delicous meal, enjoy your romance dinner under the stary stars. A lot of tourist enjoy their dinner or drinks at this peaceful cafe. Daddy's Cafe Menu The menu full of funny name of meal, and we ordered can drinks (both of us not used to drink red wine) and our dinner is 'Sexy Chicken' RM28.00 and 'Fresh Alu Alu' RM26.00 The night still young although it is already 7.45pm Our meals served after an hour, can imagine how well is the food been prepared. This is the 'Sexy Chicken' with potato chips and fresh vege topping with some homemade red sauce And this is my 'Fresh Alu Alu', is a Paracuda fish meat served with potato chips and fresh vege topping with some homemade white sauce Because of this signboard, we step into the cafe and we enjoying out romance dinner at the sea side cafe. luvfeelin: For direction you may seek for advise on


美味的抹茶冰淇淋就在The Curve,只需RM2.50你就可以拥有它! 地点: The Curve Shopping Mall, PJ (infront Watson) luvfeelin有话要说: 那天是朋友介绍我吃的,好像在别的地方也没看过,但是味道真得很不错。在那里购物的同时,可以买一个来解解嘴馋哦!

Madam Wong Cafe

Madam Wong位于金河广场二楼,再次来到这里已经有另一番风味,装修后果然不一样! 煎鱼块美奶滋意大利面套餐 RM13.20 Spagetti with grilled fish fillet topping with mayonese 可选咖啡 / 鸳鸯 / 茶 / 冻柠茶 / 每日雪糕 煎鸡扒黑胡椒酱意大利面套餐 RM13.20 Spagetti with grilled chicken chop topping with black pepper sauce 可选咖啡 / 鸳鸯 / 茶 / 冻柠茶 / 每日雪糕 煎鸡扒酸甜酱炒饭套餐 RM12.90 Set Meal, grilled chicken with sour sauce served with white rice 可选咖啡 / 鸳鸯 / 茶 / 冻柠茶 / 每日雪糕 煎蛋沙拉三文治 RM6.90 (2pcs) Sandwich with fried egg and salad 芝士超人 Cheese Superman RM8.90 / 5pcs wrapped with cheese and served with mayonese and fresh vege, crispy and delicious! yummy~ 这里还提供外卖服务哦! Madam Wong Cafe 地址: Lot AS114, 2nd Floor, Sungai Wang Plaza, KL luvfeelin有话要说: 这里的食物只是一般,尤其是意大利面似乎没有煮熟,也许是我们到访的时间是他们的高峰时期吧,不过这似乎不能称为借口。。。不过这里的食物消费总算可以接受,只要食物再好一点就更完美了。♥

Fried Chicken @ Jalan Pudu

After shopping at Sg.Wang, my brother suggest to have our dinner at Pudu "Eat Street", you can found it just beside the road. And there is a famous stall which is selling Fried Chicken and been introduce by famous artist, Wong Chui Ling. So, I should try it right? Let's see on the stall, they are selling fried chicken and french fries. The price for big drumstick (L shape) is RM3.80, chicken wing RM2.00, fried chicken RM2.40 and french fries is RM1.50. They are busy on the business, what a famous fried chicken in Pudu huh~ Look at the fried chicken, yummy ~~ And this is what we ordered, the skin is really crispy like KFC, but the meat is just so so only. There is actually a lot os food stall on the street, but you have to carefully choose the food and the seat as well. They seems like having conflict on the business for each other, when you are there, you will know. Location: Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur How to go? 1. From Jalan Hang Tuah, turn right on the crossroad and go s