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Blue Dragon
10% Discount on ala carte item

Promotion Period: 1/11/2008 - 30/11/2008

verification code: N/A

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1. This voucher entitled you a 10% discount on ala carte item
2. Not Valid for set lunch, couple set and other set meal
3. Not valid for Blue Dragon membership card

Bread & Olives Cafe
10% Discount for total amount in single receipt

Promotion Period: 1/11/2008 - 23/12/2008

verification code: BOA9741

Terms and conditions:
1. This voucher entitled you a 10% discount for total amount in single receipt
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During the Deepavali holiday, I wonder is there any place or business is operate for 24 hours beside 7-11, mamak stall and Genting Highland. I try to get some information from internet and what I found are still the same. My boyfriend give me an idea while both of us are bored to stay at home, the midnight market at Kota Damansara.

This midnight market mostly operate by Malays from 11pm to 4am daily. You can find some of fun stuff that you usually wont found at normal night marker or, pasar malam. Besides the market, there is a street of food stalls and a singing stage, it is really happening when I was first time at there.

Car sticker and emblem that usually sell at car accessories shop, and the price is much more cheaper, example the sticker bar at the top of the windscreen is only cost you RM20

Wellknown logo emblem of vehicles

Sign for different state

Air Brush service for your laptop, vehicles or anythings you likes

Model of airplanes, Airasia, MAS...

It is kind of normal if you found lighter, cigratte or ashrey in the market but what about this? "hookah"

Second hand car steering, turbo timing, sport rim and some car parts are foundable at here too

Windscreen, Tyre, Saloon....

See how they arrange their shoes? Its kinda interesting

And this side is for chidlren, the seller are shame and to hide themselves

Children cloths with different patterns and designs

Even some of the kitchen ware, bowl and other porcelain products

Some mp4 player that you usually found at handphone accessories shop or Low Yat, nice turning show case^^

Some cheap and beautiful Jewelry for lelong, only RM10 each set

Bicycle suit which usually found at specialist shop, but I not sure how is the quality compared with the specialist

A lot of shoes that looks like used, i think it should be second hand stuff also

Car dashboard cover with multiple colour chocies

Customade emblem, you can choose the alphabet and piece together at your vehicle, table or anywhere that you wish to, for the smaller one will be RM2 and the bigger one is RM3 each

Road tax sticker, to beautifying your road tax with a nice deco border sticker, RM5 each

This is the road tax cover that I bought for my car, how is it?

Location: Kota Damansara
Business Hour: 11pm - 4am daily

Beside the Midnight Market, there is a street of food stalls managed by Malays. Mostly are selling Tom Yam, Fried Rice, Fried Tauhu, Nasi Lemak, Steamboat and etc.

A lot of people still hanging around during the deep night time

One of the Malay stall busy on preparing food

Fried Tauhu, a special tasty fried tauhu topped with peanuts, rojak sauce and bean sprouts RM4

Pattaya Fried Rice, fried rice wrapped by fried egg, kind of Thai food RM5

Look at the rice, pure rice? NO, its fried rice!

Fried Rice Chicken, same fried rice as Pattaya, but served together with fried chicken RM5

Tom Yam Chicken Soup, small portion of thai style soup RM4

Beside the Fried Tauhu, others food are consider normal. Just have some bits there after the Midnight Market. For your information, we are the only Chinese at the midnight market. ♥

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Thai Food . Cafe . Asian Cuisine

1998年开张于Yulek,或现在的Taman Cheras(和珍宝酒楼同排)。Blue Dragon这个名字是负责人Max取的,只要是因为“龙”象征着亚洲的文化。
A Thai food cafe published at 1998 in Yulek, or so call Taman Cheras (same row with Janbo Restaurant). The cafe name 'Blue Dragon' is named by the director, Max. Because dragon is a always an images of Asian, he said.

There is a WiFi services provided by Blue Dragon, and it have been vote as the top 6 of the Valentine Days restaurant in KL at 2003. So this might be your ideal place to celebrate with your loves at the next year.

两层楼的Blue Dragon,里面的装潢与设计让你感到舒适,以及拥有私隐。在蓝调的包围下,享受美味的泰国式料理,绝对是一大享受。
It is a double storey restaurant that brings you a cozy, comfortable and privacy dining place. You can always feel peace while relaxing your mind and stress with the music surrounding around.

Most of the customer will prefer upstairs seat, because the restaurant create a lot of individual and privacy space by white curtain, and also there are some table beside the window that allow you to enjoy your food with the night view of city to ensure you have a precious time at Blue Dragon.

Now is the time for me to introduce their welcoming food (these photos taken at downstairs), Pineapple Fried Rice with a fried egg, it looks delicious huh? only cost you RM7.90

Otak-otak Seafood, steam and wrapped by silver paper, one of their high ranking selection at RM15.00

Thai Green Curry Chicken in claypot, although is just a small portion of choice but I'm sure it can fulfill your stomach! only RM10.00

Butter Prawn, different cooking style from those Chinese restaurant, it is more wet and stronger butter taste at RM25.00

Fried Fish Cake with special homemade sauce, yummy! 6pcs only at RM12.00

阿拉丁,三色的饮料让人对它的色彩感到惊喜,分为由薄荷,蜜糖以及乳酪调配而成的清新味道,有宁神作用。在Blue Dragon有最高人气的评语,所以一定要试哦!一杯RM6.50。
Alladin, the top ranking ice blended drinks in Blue Dragon, MUST try! This three colors healthy and refreshing beverages is mixed by peppermint, honey and yogurt. RM6.50

Lemon Garden, another high ranking ice blended drinks blended by lemon and lemon skin. A highly refreshment drink which rich of lemon taste only at RM6.50

Now we move to upstairs, it is a darker but peaceful scene at Blue Dragon. A candle light decoration on the table

这就是Blue Dragon的餐牌了。
The menu of Blue Dragon, looks cool right?

This is the Couple Set RM38.00 content listing in the menu

Iced Lemon Tea

Tom Yam Seafood Soup which served with slices of fish, sotong and mushroom

Let's enjoy our dinner now...Pineapple Fried Rice, Chicken Wings, Tempura Prawn, Tempura Vegetable...yummy~

Special Blue Berry De Longan for dessert lovers

除了以上介绍的食物,Blue Dragon也推出了午餐优惠套餐只卖RM10.90,包括一个主餐,一个东炎汤和一杯柠檬茶。时间为上午12点到中午3点,千万别错过了哦!
Besides the foods specified above, Blue Dragon also promote their set lunch from 12pm - 3pm daily at only RM10.90 which include a main course, a Tom Yam soup and a cup of ice lemon tea!

So now is the important question, how to get there? see the map below!

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因为朋友的介绍,我才知道Blue Dragon的存在。而在我第一次尝过了他们的食物后,我就爱上了泰国餐。虽然住得远,但是为了美食我在所不惜。喜欢泰国餐的朋友,这里绝对是你的首选!♥

位于Ampang Look Out Point的Bread & Olives Cafe,相信很多人对于它并不陌生。因为那里常常是三五好友聚集的好去处,不但可以用餐,还可以一览吉隆坡的夜景,多棒啊!山上冷冷冰冰的空气和热烘烘的食物成了强烈的对比,却是人们追求的享受之一。看看这美丽的吉隆坡夜景,是不是很想亲自来一趟呢?

除了美丽的夜景,千万不要忘记了我们这次的目的,就是要介绍这间Bread & Olives地中海式料理餐馆。餐馆的负责人Tim是来自中东,很健谈的一个年轻人。为此我们也达成了协议,让来此部落格的朋友可以在Bread & Olives享受10%的折扣优惠。

他告诉我们他们参观最受欢迎的食物就是Lamb Briyani,至于其他的食物也不逊色,例如Roasted Chicken, Lamb Steak, Zatar和Pizza等等多样选择。舒适的环境,效率的服务态度,在这里用餐绝对是一种享受!

Lamb Steak served with Mashed Potato and Salad RM18.00

Fried Chicken Chop served with French Fries and Salad RM16.00

Grilled Chicken Chop served with Mashed Potato and Salad Rm16.00


Fish and Chips served with Tartar Sauce and Salad RM17.00

B & O Flava Layers RM9.50

French Fries in golden yellow RM6.50

Special Chilli Sauce pack from America

Bread & Olives共有两层,而我在离开之前就在楼下发现了有趣的事物。看看这个公开的烤箱,他们正在制作Zatar呢!小小的面粉团被扔进了烤箱后,竟然就慢慢的膨胀变成了面包,好好玩哦!


这里就是通往山顶Look Out Point的入口处了,上面写着Menara Tinjau。

1. Take the Pandan Indah exit at the MRR2, Steven Corner on your left
2. Go straight until the T-Junction which Esso will be on your left, turn right at the traffic light
3. A McDonald will be on your right, go straight and turn left at the traffic light in front of Puteri Park Plaza.
4. Turn right at the second traffic light which there is a pasar borong on your right
5. From this traffic light the road is winding for about 3 km
6. Look out for the sign board “Look Out Point / Menara Tinjau”, here you are